Foreword has been back and forth about its central goal, but at root, it comes down to this:

Trying to understand the world we live in.

This is as important and as hard as ever, as more parts of society are transforming rapidly, upheavals that are disrupting established ideas of linear progress.

We feel we have something constructive to offer and, for our own sake, we want to break down the times we are living through, and what they say about where we are going. This is the starting point for everything that Foreword will be doing.

Under the macro-titles of Politics, Technology, Environment, and Culture, we will try to figure out the changes around us. It’s unlikely that one given piece will fit neatly into any given category, but such is the nature of today’s wicked problems, and it would only make sense for Foreword to reflect this.

We obviously have our own biases and personal ideologies but these will not be our starting points – as so often happens in blogging and its ‘hot take’ nature – but we will seek to be upfront about them where they invade our work.