The Democrats Suicide Squad

By Josh Skinner

Mike Flynn is gone from Trump’s cabinet, and good riddance. At best, he was someone who lied to the public who had a son that got excommunicated from the Trump transition team for pushing pizzagate a bit too hard. At worst, he was a Russian spy waiting for a satellite to activate the chip in his brain if Trump got too out of line, whose son got excommunicated from the Trump tribe for pushing the pizzagate a bit too hard.


So now for Secretary of National Security America and those who feel attached to that country have H.R. McMaster, and the left is pleased. McMaster is someone who wants to combat terrorism, not Islamic terrorism, saying “the term radical terrorism is counterproductive”. We are in  a time where Islamophobia is rampant and so called illegal backdoor Muslim bans being labelled as such by so called judges is a thing. It does not help that despite their illegality, these executive orders are rolled out of the white house at the same rate as HBO shows. In this climate Mcmaster is a welcome change.


That being said, McMaster is the third former military general along with Defence Secretary James Mattis, and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, to achieve a position in Trump’s cabinet. Of course this shouldn’t this predisposition to military shouldn’t come as a surprise; Obama had three guys from the military on his cabinet. The United States of America is global military superpower, and to make a fuss about this only serves to sanitize America’s history of military intervention gone wrong.


McMaster, however, is someone who doesn’t seek to sanitize this history. He wrote a book about the the Vietnam War and how bad it was. McMaster is being discussed in “failing” publications like The New York Times (which has seen huge increases in subscriptions since Trump’s electoral victory) as the man who is going to tell Trump like it is. It’s a no brainer that media which has criticized President Trump’s position on people of the Islamic faith would latch onto a cabinet appointment that has been openly critical of the aforementioned stance as a positive thing.


To be clear, it is a positive thing, but who is the new hero McMaster and what are his qualifications? McMaster is a man who made a career in Iraq out of butting heads with another Donald of the Rumsfeld variety, and killing terrorists. To be fair, McMaster believed that to properly fight Sunni insurgent groups in Iraq, that you had to have the respect of the Iraqi people to do so. He encouraged his soldiers to never use derogatory terms towards Iraqi civilians, and made sure that himself and his division were always in the urban centers of their posting to create a sense of connectedness between American soldiers and Iraqi citizens.


McMaster is someone who tries to kill other humans in the most compassionate possible way. This is the state of opposition to the Trump presidency, where the left is attaching themselves to military professionals and the Central Intelligence Agency as a viable coalition to rein in The Donald.  Another member of this coalition is recently elected Tom Perez, a Democrat who was chosen over the progressive’s choice Keith Ellison for Chair of the Democratic National Committee.


Tom Perez is someone who failed to hold corporations like J.P. Morgan accountable for illegally foreclosing on the homes of veterans in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. So as it stands, the Democratic coalition against the evil Trump administration is as such: a general who found the nicest way to kill terrorists, a CIA that spies on citizens and funds civilian killing deathsquads, and the guy who didn’t pursue justice for homeless veterans. If the Democrats want to shake things up, this is their Oscar-winning Suicide Squad.


The Democrats are building a team to beat Trump that is comprised of the powerful, not the weak. They are choosing insiders, i.e. the people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done for the perceived good of America. This is what Americans do in the face of existential threats: they team up with the strong, not the weak.


When Hitler was a thing, they didn’t ally themselves with the Jewish people in the leadup to the Holocaust. They chose Russia as an ally in the fight against fascism. When their enemy switched from fascism to communism, they squadded up with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, or Pinochet in Chile to fend off the red menace.


America has this awful habit of choosing future enemies to be the “bad cop” to their “good cop”. This tried and true plotline is being played out in the Democratic Party as they rally questionable personalities together the way the Sylvester Stallone throw’s up the bat signal for another Expendables movie when their alimony payments start piling up.


This is because of the US’s age old binary definition of good and evil, in which “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. But they aren’t; Russia turned into an evil empire that caused tens of millions to die in labour camps. The Mujahideen spawned Al-Qaeda, who bombed the World Trade Center, and Pinochet, instead of turning Chile into a capitalist paradise quickly caused Chile to become a wildly impoverished police state.


The Democrats need to break this tradition and find allies that don’t turn into future despots. Electing Keith Ellison would have been a start. Discontinuing love letters to military professionals would be a good second step. Most importantly, applying a critical lens to anything the CIA, an agency that tricked the American public into invading Iraq, would help.


After this, they should look to ally themselves with sensible, morally rooted grassroots organizations. Supporting the people at Standing Rock would have been a solid call, but it’s a bit late for that. At this point, it may be too late for the Democratic party to go high when they go low.