Going Foreword

By Dan Morrison


Yo, so, thank you for reading our stuff- I guess if you’re reading this now, you’ve paid a bit of attention to the blog and what we’ve been doing. It is fun and interesting, but knowing that folks are reading it every now and again is a lovely bonus.

Also, thank yous should go to all those who contributed this summer; we’re pretty proud of the body of work we assembled over the summer. Particularly, thank you to Josh, Chris and Tyler. Your regular contributions have been greatly appreciated.

Foreword is looking to evolve a touch. For our avid readers and anybody thinking “yes, I would like to get involved in a slightly-to-fairly pretentious student blog which is doing its best to comment on, understand and deconstruct the world we live in”, here’s the deal:

First, some *exciting* news. We’d like to welcome Josh Skinner to the revolutionary committee. No longer the rookie draft pick, now he’s Tom Brady deflating balls*. We’re looking forward to Josh’s input and an extra pair of hands in running tingz.

Josh and I are in our final years of university and Sharlene is on placement, but we’re hoping we can keep producing and posting stuff semi-regularly, which will be a focus as we think about ‘content’ going forward. While we don’t want to dilute the details, we will also be thinking about stuff that is easy to compile and upload.

With this in mind, we will be pushing podcasts as our newest feature, for which Josh will be largely responsible. Podcasts are pretty neat and entertaining, but also convenient because (at a very base level and not wanting to denigrate the creative process), you can sit down, press record and chat to your pals for a while.

If you fancy doing one, get in touch. Krish Dineshkumar- or those of you that know him well, “Krish”- is down for a podcast. Check out his High Top Flip Flop podcast here if you wish to be entertained and educated.

There seems to be a theme evolving, along the lines of “the times we live in”. I think you can feel this running through most of the stuff we put up, so this will be the little niche we seek to carve out for ourselves.

Has there been a better time to look at? The times are strange and they are a-changin’, which makes what we do in our spare time often more fun and interesting than is reasonable, and hopefully something similar for you lot who are reading.

It is also a great time to experiment and come up with funky new ideas. Most of us now have smartphones where we jot down our thoughts or snap a chat, so it is easier than ever to come up with a new medium for critiquing and commending the world, or at least a new way of saying what we think.

Want to do a strip of captioned selfies about why we should nationalise the moon? Yo, try us out. The world is barmier than it has ever been. What’s going on would usually be made-up, which must kill the satirists. It is weirder than fiction, which is great for ideas because nothing is off limits, you’d hope. So, this should be great for us.

Get in touch if you have anything you want to do, or think we should do. Otherwise, thank you for reading- we appreciate it.

*Josh insists “ that [his] stance on balls is one that leans towards ‘dangerously inflated’”