Blond(e) By Frank Ocean- 17 Haikus

By Tyler Majer

Nikes. Adidas.
Buy the shoes to masque the fact
That you don’t have much

Ivy League love hides
Within closed closet doors. I
Never understood

Pink and White. Yellow.
Afraid of committing to.
Things that will not be

Be yourself. Consume.
Drugs, alcohol, Possessions
It’s all for you, love

Solo. Happy once.
Only when I’m on something
Nothing to do now

Skyline to a new
destination that you have
never thought likely

Self Control exists
Only during hungover
Afternoons, Mornings

Good Guy, am I? I
Try to appease my inner
Doubts about me…you…

Nights, like these , always
Felt slightly different in
The presence of you

Solo (Reprise), I
Feel like screaming the name of
Someone I knew once

Pretty Sweet, The taste
Of the juice as it touches
Someone else’s lips

Facebook story, Mine
Consumed by electronic
Screens, lights, jealousy

Close to you, never
Once was I close to you, never
Once did I try

White Ferrari, ride
Into the trenches of life
To come out the same

Siegfried, Heaven, you
Used to see it in my eyes
Then you left my view

Godspeed, Lightspeed, sound
A hurricane of something
Never thought possible

Futura Free, Is it?
Are we stuck, are we stuck here
Are we even (a)live