By Tyler Majer

Light up your cigarettes, and your Instagram feed.




The world is in chaos.

But who is there to capture it?

Does god have a snapchat account?

He can put doggy ears on the world as it burns.


Burns from the ashes of another culture decimated.

Another species’ bones disintegrate in the thick swelter.

A droplet beads down the face of a child.

Why do we destroy so much?

The teacher’s ruler smacks your hand.

“What did I say about asking those ridiculous questions?”

I write fifty times.

“For the love of money, I will do all.”

I paid 7’700 dollars to my school for tuition last year. What did I learn?

The world isn’t free, as long as we’re spending.

Splash some water on your face.

The river has power cause it continuously flows.

Power created by movement.

Arrows beside stock market results.

The real trick, however, is making you believe you’re in control.

Even when the arrow is pointing down.

Down. Keep them down. Down. Keep them down.

Forbes’ list billionaires hold hands, and dance in a circle.

And they sing.

“Down, Keep them. Down. Down. Keep them down.”

A gunshot echoes.

A badge shines.

Will things change?

Dear god, I pray…

I pray for the lives of those less fortunate.



Prayers to wash the sin of loving another man or woman off the skin of the ‘less fortunate’.

Why don’t you pray the gay away?

‘God hates Fags’ the sign reads.

Who is truly less fortunate?

Who are you to gauge fortune?

Fortunately, I was born with privilege.

I do not feel guilty.

Apart from the problem, or a part of the problem.

A thin line between helping, and hindering.

Betting on the lives of others.

I was born rich.

What more have I got to win?

Win. I have to win.

You are better than him.

You are better than her.

You are better than ____

How does it feel to be superior?

Fat is filthy.

Filthy is fat.

Repeat after me.


Nobody asked about me.

‘In this world of opinions, you really thought someone would care about you’

My brain has it out for me.

Anxiety and Depression.

The greatest Tag-Team the world has ever seen.

Mentally Ill.




Holes in your hands vs. Cuts on your wrist.

Everyday is a sacrifice.

Sacrificial superficiality.

It is easy to give away that in which you are not.

Fake smiles. Mock symbols.

‘Do not Worship False Idols’

But I don’t worship anything.

And everything is false.

Even this that I write.

Who is it really for?







The blog post will read…‘Please consume this as you scroll your Facebook Feed’