Papa John

By Harriet Jahn

Our Papa John was lots of fun
His heart was very humble
Even though our granny said
That he would always mumble

He had a head of silver hair
We liked to make it spiky
He’d only ever wear a suit
He’d never be seen in Nike

Whenever we went out for tea
He’d always charm the waitress
He’d even charm the nurses too
I guess he was flirtatious

He was a man with many skills
He had a steady hand
He’d always paint the ocean so
His work was never bland

He spent a lot of time at sea
He loved the boats despite
Whenever he went fishing he
Would hardly get a bite

At cooking he was not the best
But toast he truly mastered
Good job he had granny there
To serve him lumpy custard

He always kept his trousers pressed
But never did they fit right
On Christmas Day his trousers fell
Which was the biggest highlight

And so today we celebrate
The life of Papa John
I’d like to end by saying that
Your memory will live on