A Look at Today

By Alannah Taylor


Let’s look at the state of the human condition

The great numbers who strive for their basic provisions

Our incessant pollution, incessant emissions

Our teetering lives as we beg for permission

To live for something greater than species tradition

All the way wrestling the growing suspicion

That there is nothing and we are nothing and love is a myth or a joke or a euphemism


Society sprawled without due time to plan it

We built up, we burnt up, obeyed those who ran it

And if a change threatens we smother or ban it

We don’t have a plan to undestroy the planet

Or even due faith in our fellows who man it

But softly we persist in living in the prison of accepted division


It appears we’ve forgotten that we should be kind

Diseased and polluted the collective mind

With all of life’s limits so grossly defined

Never trying to stop it or trying to rewind

Thus continuation is sealed and is signed

Until difference and discord are all we can find

Until every soul cried out and pined

For something which they were unable to precisely identify


We’re choking the earth and infecting its soil

We’re killing each other for last dregs of oil

At all given chances, we chop, dig and spoil

While dressed in the products of slave wage child toil

And taught to be selfish instead of be loyal

And until we shuffle off this mortal coil

We’re dust at the feet of the rich and the royal

So we need to break the way of it all


Our hopes and our actions must be brought together

We need to remember we’re good and we’re clever

Induce human compassion to lead the endeavour

Of closely constructing a better forever

Cutting loose our allegiance to money’s vendetta

With happiness, freedom and less hostile weather

For a better world without and within